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GCO Oven Lube - Extra Tacky

PFI - GCO Oven Lube - Extra Tacky


PFI's ULTRA PURE 380 XT (extra tacky) FOOD GRADE SYNTHETIC MACHINERY LUBRICANT is approved by FMC Food Tech / Steins DSI for use in GCO oven lubricators to lube ball rail chain, guide strips, and other moving parts, specifically in high steam. PN: 411-20-0014. It meets and exceeds the requirements of 21 CFR 178.3570, made from the finest USDA H-1 approved food grade base stocks chosen for thermal and oxidative resistance. It has been tested in several GCO model ovens. It has Non-hazardous proprietary additives that greatly extend the life beyond normal synthetic fluids.

      Ultra Pure 380XT
      Vis cSt 40°C375.2
      Vis cSt 100°C28.9
      Flash Point °F510
      Pour Point °F-35.0
      Copper Corrosion, 24 Hr.1a
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